Metamask Wallet

In order to participate in the Rawrshak Alpha, a gamer must have have an Ethereum Wallet capable of connecting to the the Rawrshak front-end.

In this tutorial, we help the user install Metamask on their browser and create a wallet. We also recommend using Metamask mobile wallet in order to log into games through WalletConnect. We recommend using Metamask because it allows the user to change networks from Ethereum Mainnet to Optimism Kovan Testnet. A tutorial for switching networks is here.

The wallets created in this tutorial are for testing purposes only and not used for anything else.


  • A chrome-based web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium, Brave Browser, etc)

1. Install the Metamask browser extension

Go to the chrome web store and search for metamask: Link

2. Generate an Ethereum Wallet or login with your wallet's Secret Recovery Phrase

In this tutorial, we will create a new wallet.

3. Create a Password

4. Save Secret Phrase for recovery

5. All Done!

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