Upload Data to Arweave


  • An Arweave Wallet with AR tokens

  • ArDrive login


1. Login to ArDrive

ArDrive: https://app.ardrive.io

2. Create the Folders for your file management

3. Upload the Asset Packages or Asset Files

4. Wait until the Arweave Transactions are confirmed.

This may take somewhere between a 5 minutes to a few hours.

5. Verify Data is uploaded using the Data Transaction ID

Data Transaction ID: TAPvrk0_cEGhoeb9eYe96MIVp3lbpyqH7RlM6owfg3k

You can verify that the file has been processed and uploaded when the Orange pending status has turned to Green.

The Data Transaction ID will be used when creating a Content Smart Contract or Asset in the NFT Launcher.

You can use the Data Tx ID to access the file with the uri:

https://arweave.net/<Data Transaction ID>

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