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Upload Data to Arweave


  • An Arweave Wallet with AR tokens
  • ArDrive login


1. Login to ArDrive

Log In to ArDrive

2. Create the Folders for your file management

Create Folders for file management

3. Upload the Asset Packages or Asset Files

Click Upload File
Upload File

4. Wait until the Arweave Transactions are confirmed.

Arweave Transaction is waiting for confirmation.
This may take somewhere between a 5 minutes to a few hours.

5. Verify Data is uploaded using the Data Transaction ID

You can verify that the file has been processed and uploaded when the Orange pending status has turned to Green.
The Data Transaction ID will be used when creating a Content Smart Contract or Asset in the NFT Launcher.
You can use the Data Tx ID to access the file with the uri:<Data Transaction ID>