The information on this page is not final and is subject to change before the actual token launch announcement. This is only meant to give the user information regarding the current thoughts of the Rawrshak development team.

What is $RAWR?

The $RAWR token is a governance and utility token for the Rawrshak platform. It gives all stakeholders on the platform the responsibility to help govern the direction of the Rawrshak platform and aligns their economic incentives. It gives all ecosystem users the ability to participate in the growth of the Rawrshak platform.


The RAWR token has four main functions.

1. Governance

Rawrshak plans to launch a decentralized autonomous organization, the Rawrshak DAO, that will govern the project with the goal of reaching full decentralization in the future. The $RAWR token will be used in the RawrDAO's voting system. All platform stakeholders that own $RAWR tokens have voting rights and can participate in governance decisions. They must stake their tokens in order to vote and will receive staking emissions as governance rewards.

2. Incentives

The $RAWR token will be used to grow the ecosystem and incentivize gamers, content creators, and game developers to use the project. The Rawrshak DAO will sponsor events, fund games, and fund ecosystem projects that add value to the ecosystem using the $RAWR token. Rawrshak can partner with game developers to help incentivize gamers to increase liquidity of assets in the ecosystem through minting rewards and marketplace rewards.

$RAWR tokens will also be used to incentivize marketplace usage and increase volume.

3. Platform Fees distribution

Platform fees that the Rawrshak ecosystem projects collect are distributed to the Rawrshak DAO treasury. It is up to the Rawrshak DAO on how to distribute this to the ecosystem either through funding events, games, or distributing them as part of the governance participation incentives.

Currently, the only platform fee comes from the marketplace fees.

4. Future on-chain mechanics

Future on-chain gaming mechanisms may require the use of RAWR tokens. Future Rawrshak projects that increase the RAWR token's utility include crafting, salvaging, lootboxing, DeFi-related partnerships, in-game advertisements, and content security mechanisms.


$RAWR will be launched on the Ethereum network and will be implemented as an ERC20 token. The token contract will not be upgradable, and it will be stable. There will be no inflation. The goal is to have a relatively fair distribution mechanism.

The $RAWR token will be launched on Optimism first and tokens will be distributed there. We hope to later expand to Arbitrum and Polygon L2s.


A total of 100,000,000 $RAWR tokens will be minted.

  • 70% (70,000,000 RAWR) is allocated for the community, managed by the RawrDAO

    • The treasury will be allocated towards these goals:

      • Staking and governance participation

      • Marketplace and gaming system Incentives

      • Community growth incentives and community events(game developer, content creators, gamer acquisition)

      • Bug bounties

  • 30% (30,000,000 RAWR) is allocated to the development of the project.

More Info

For more information, please refer to the $RAWR tokenomics litepaper:

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