Rawrshak DAO

The information on this page is not final and is subject to change before the actual token launch announcement. This is only meant to give the user information regarding the current thoughts of the Rawrshak development team.

The Rawrshak platform will be governed in a decentralized manner through the Rawrshak Decentralized Autonomous Organization (RawrDAO). This grants all stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the future of Rawrshak.


  • Researching, proposing, and implementing new platform projects and protocol upgrades

  • Proposing and running community programs such as game jabs, artist competitions, competitive gaming tournaments, in-game asset bounties, etc.

  • Funding teams, projects, and events

  • Treasury management

  • Game developer and ecosystem partnerships


The structure for the RawrDAO is still under discussion. Please refer to the governance litepaper and governance research paper for more details.

Governance Litepaper

Governance Research

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