Rawrshak is a decentralized virtual gaming asset platform that creates frameworks for in-game assets allowing for asset interoperability between unique gaming worlds. With Rawrshak's asset framework, it is possible for players to take acquired in-game items along with them as they jump from game world to game world.

For game developers and content creators, this increases asset scalability for easy distribution throughout the metaverse. Game world interoperability increases an asset’s value by unshackling it from the lifespan of its original game world. Integrating with Rawrshak increases a game's playerbase by the entire Rawrshak ecosystem.

Rawrshak’s goal is to build an equitable and sustainable global gaming ecosystem. Come join us in our quest to build a decentralized metaverse!

Getting Started

Got a few minutes? Check out a video overview of our product:

If you just want to keep track of the Rawrshak project, come join us! Check out the Community Channels for more details.


Please check out the Rawrshak Tutorials and learn more about the platform!

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