Developer Decentralized Applications

The Developer Dapp is the front-end application created by the Rawrshak development team for content creators and developers. Because the platform has a decentralized backend, other ecosystem teams are welcome to create their own front-ends or integrate their applications with the platform. The Rawrshak development team created these applications in order to demonstrate the capabilities of Rawrshak's infrastructure.

Smart Contract and Asset Management

The developer dapp gives the game developers an easy way to deploy smart contracts and asset NFTs for their games. This lowers the barrier to entry for game developers to integrate their games with blockchain technologies.

The developer dapp allows the developer to mint, organize, and manage their collection of assets. The goal is to offer the developers and creators the tools they need to best interact and manage the asset NFTs that they create. Inventory management should constantly reflect quality of life improvements based on the game developer and content creator community feedback.

Marketplace Access

The developer dapp gives the creators access to a trading post. The marketplace is a place where they can easily sell their minted assets or distribute them to the ecosystem. The developer dapp should give the developer a dashboard where they can view their contract's marketplace information and individual asset's market information. Having sales information logically displayed influences a developer's decisions regarding future assets.

The developer dapp is also where creators can claim their asset sales and secondary trading royalties.

On-chain Gaming Systems access

In the future, the developer dapp will also give access to Rawrshak's on-chain gaming systems. A few of the gaming systems in the pipeline include:

  • Crafting and Salvaging

  • Lootboxing

  • NFT Personalization & Customization

The developer dapp is where game developers will interface with any future Rawrshak project. New projects are entirely optional to developers, and they are free to integrate it with their game as they see fit.

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