Loading the Rawrshak SDK

1. Download Unity (version 2020.3.12f1)

Download Unity: https://unity.com/download

If Unity Hub is already installed, open the Installs Tab and click the Add button. Select the recommended version of Unity 2020.3+ or whichever version the developer needs.

Rawrshak is only supported on 2020.3+ Unity versions.

Select Platform to install.

Select Next and continue.

2. Create 3D Project

In the Project Tab, click the New button (make sure the correct version is set). Select 3D, add project name, and select Create.

Please keep in mind Rawrshak currently only support the Built-in Render Pipeline.

3. Download Unity SDK from the github repo (releases)

Rawrshak Tools releases: https://github.com/Rawrshak/Unity-SDK/releases

Download the Rawrshak Unity SDK Unity Package.

The Unity SDK is still in alpha and is subject to change during development. There are currently no stable releases yet. Please download the latest version for the most up to date package.

5. Drag and drop the Unity SDK package into the project

Open the folder where you downloaded the Unity Package.

Drag and drop the package in the Unity package in the Unity Window.

Select "All" and click "Import".

6. Finished!

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