Gaming Marketplace

The Rawrshak gaming marketplace is designed to give a similar experience to existing MMO trading posts. The Rawrshak marketplace should be intuitive and familiar to both veteran and rookie gamers.

Gaming Marketplace Features

Buying and Selling of Bulk items

In existing marketplaces, in order to buy many instances of an item, a user would have to manually fill in orders for each instance of the item. In the Rawrshak marketplace, the user has the ability to acquire many instances of an asset in one transaction.

Create Buy and Sell Orders

The marketplace gives the user the ability to create buy orders for assets they need and set a price they're willing to pay for it. Users can also create sell orders for assets they'd like to sell. Orders can be for multiple instances of an item.

Instant Buy/Sell

The marketplace gives the user the ability to instantly purchase X amount of items with its order matching system. The user is able to set how many they want to buy and set the maximum they're willing to spend to acquire items.

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