Deploy a Content Contract

1. Login using the Developer Wallet

Rawrshak Developer Dapp:

2. Select Developer Mode

3. Go to Store Page

Store Page:

4. Click "New Smart Contract"

5. Fill in the Information and click Create

IMPORTANT: If the developer doesn't have an image to use for the contract, they can use the Rawrshak's default content contract image.

Content Contract Image Asset:

Link: dI_5bBKqfDwLUHhQXu_ubnnBi5f3DcpHQ_oHmIky1QU

Please refer to the Content Contract metadata for more information.

7. Approve and Deploy Transaction

Use Metamask to approve the transaction.

Once you click Create, it takes 60 seconds for the metadata to be propagated by Pinata so that the Subgraph may read it. Please be patient.

8. Verify Smart Contract creation

The Content subgraph takes a few seconds to a few minutes to update. Please wait for the transaction to propagate.

[Alpha Testnet Known Issue]

Once propagated, if the newly creates smart contract did not populate the information, it means the IPFS metadata wasn't propagated properly and TheGraph was not able to parse the metadata. We're looking to switch from Arweave to IPFS, but it is currently not yet supported on TheGraph. The transition will take some time.

In the meantime, please just redeploy a new smart contract.

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