Audio Meta Asset

Please refer to the Audio Asset for specific requirements of the Audio Meta Asset Framework before uploading an asset.

1. Find an audio file that you want to upload.

1.A. (Optional) You may also package the asset in a Unity Asset Bundle

Follow the tutorial here on how to package an audio file.

2. Upload it to Arweave

Please check out this tutorial in order to upload to Arweave.

3. Connect to the Rawrshak Dapp and navigate your way to the Content Contract page

4. Fill in the information about the Asset

Audio Asset Data

The Audio Meta Asset Framework has some requirements for each type and subtype. If your asset doesn't comply with the framework requirements, it may be unloadable by games.

Games expect the asset to follow the framework in order for them to load it.

To get the Duration in milliseconds, Audio Channel Count, and Sampling Rate in Hz, open a Unity project and select the audio file to view the information. Highlighted in the image below are the duration in seconds (red), audio channel count (blue), and sample rate (green).

Note: Convert the duration to milliseconds and make sure sampling rate is in Hz.

Fill in the Asset Information from the audio information above.

5. Click Create Asset and wait for the Metadata to propagate

6. Wait for the transaction to process and Verify

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