Image Meta Asset

Please refer to the Image Asset for specific requirements of the Image Meta Asset Framework before uploading an asset.

1. Find an image that you want to upload.

Rocketship - Note: This is just a random image. We don't own this image at all.

2. Upload it to Arweave

Please check out this tutorial in order to upload to Arweave.

3. Connect to the Rawrshak Dapp and navigate your way to the Content Contract page

Create New Asset

4. Fill in the information about the Asset

Pinata API Key & Secret
This is needed for the metadata to be uploaded to IPFS. Please see the Pinata tutorial to set this up.
Name of the meta asset
Description of the meta asset
Image src that will show up on Dapps and other front-ends
An array of tags categorizing the asset
Max Supply
The maximum instances for this asset that can ever be minted. If left at 0, it will automatically be converted to UINT256_MAX.
Royalty Receiver Address
The ethereum address that royalty fees will be sent to. If this is set to the Zero Address, the asset royalty will fall back to the default Content Contract royalty.
Royalty Rate
The percent royalty the developer will receive when this asset is traded in a marketplace that supports royalty fees.
The Main type of meta asset. In this case, it should be set to Image
The subtype of the meta asset. Please refer to the Image Assets page to get more info on which subtype to select. Defaults to square.
Notifies game developers and users of explicit content. Please mark this correctly.
Image URI (Asset Data)
The URI to the texture for the specific asset that will be used in-game. This may or may not be the same as the Image.
Height in Pixels (Asset Data)
Height of the image in pixels
Width in Pixels (Asset Data)
Width of the image in pixels
Content Type (Asset Data)
File type of the image (we only support jpeg, svg, and png files)
The Image Meta Asset Framework has some requirements for each type and subtype. If your asset doesn't comply with the framework requirements, it may be unloadable by games.
Games expect the asset to follow the framework in order for them to load it.
Fill in the Image information

5. Click Create Asset and wait for the Metadata to propagate

6. Wait for the transaction to process and Verify

Verify asset was created.