Partnerships & Integrations


These are the decentralized infrastructure projects and protocols that we are using in order to completely decentralize our platform. Even though currently our project is not fully decentralized, due to the dependence of our front-end on Squarespace and Github pages, Rawrshak is intended to reach full decentralization both for the technology and the governance.

Rawrshak is deploying public subgraphs that index the information for all projects in the platform. Anyone can use these subgraphs to query the ecosystem for data to build web dashboards or query for in-game information.

Rawrshak is depending on Arweave to provide decentralized storage for Rawrshak assets. The Rawrshak assets are meant to be permanent, yet upgradeable. Arweave allows the game developer to pay for their storage once and the Arweave blockchain will store these assets' data permanently.

ArDrive is an Arweave ecosystem project that helps manage Arweave uploaded files. The ArDrive project implements a file system protocol that makes files uploaded on Arweave significantly easier to use.

ChainSafe is a blockchain research and development firm that is working on decentralized web tools. ChainSafe is developing a Web3 Gaming SDK for Unity that the Rawrshak libraries are building upon. The Rawrshak development team is actively working with ChainSafe to help develop game developer tools and SDKs.

Developer Partnerships

Decent Labs is a venture studio that helps projects reach an MVP stage. Decent Labs is helping the Rawrshak team develop the decentralized application for gamers and game developers. They are providing assistance and guidance regarding the project development.

Virtuix is a virtual reality platform that supports the development of Rawrshak.

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