Gamer Decentralized Applications

The Gamer Dapp is our front-end application created by the Rawrshak development team for the Rawrshak platform. Because the platform has a decentralized backend, other ecosystem teams are welcome to create their own front-ends or integrate their applications with the platform. The Rawrshak development team created these applications in order to demonstrate the capabilities of Rawrshak's infrastructure.

Inventory Management

The gamer dapp allows the gamer to view and manage their collection of assets. The goal is to offer the gamers different ways of organizing their assets through logical filtering, long-term and short-term storage, backpacks, etc. Inventory management should constantly reflect quality of life improvements based on the gamer community feedback.

Marketplace Access

The gamer dapp gives the gamer access to a trading post where they can buy and sell gaming assets in an efficient manner. From the inventory management, the gamer can easily sell their assets as well as buy more of the assets they already own. They can easily find assets they're looking for using the search function. They can filter assets using the tags mechanism. Improvements in the marketplace feature should reflect the requirements of both buyers and sellers.

On-chain Gaming Systems access

In the future, the gamer dapp will also give access to Rawrshak's on-chain gaming systems. A few of the gaming systems in the pipeline include:

  • Crafting and Salvaging

  • Lootboxing

  • NFT Personalization & Customization

Any future projects may also be accessible through the gamer app.

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