What is the Rawrshak Platform?

Rawrshak Platform

The Rawrshak platform consists of an end-to-end solution for game developers targeting desktop, WebGL, and mobile games. The Rawrshak ecosystem tries to provide the crypto gaming ecosystem with important infrastructure that will ease the transition of traditional game developers into decentralized asset ownership.


The Rawrshak platform has several overall goals that we think is important to the development of the future of Gaming:

  • Enable cross-game interoperability for in-game assets

  • Provide an efficient gaming marketplace

  • Create a network of video game worlds with a shared global playerbase

  • Provide Web3 tools and libraries for game engines

  • Use decentralized infrastructure to provide a permanent platform

The goal is to build a decentralized gaming universe where asset ownership is permanent, uncensorable, and genuine. We want to build a Rawrshak community of avid gamers, dedicated game developers, and talented content creators that can spawn amazing tools and interesting ideas.

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