Unity Tools

Rawrshak provides Unity game engine tools to make packaging assets for the Asset Framework easy for game developers and content creators. The following is a list of tools in the Rawrshak Unity Tools asset package:

Asset Bundle Creator tool

The Asset Bundle Creator tool is a Unity Editor window that contains tools for building and packaging asset bundles. The Asset Bundle Creator compiles and builds asset bundles for the supported platforms (Windows, iOS, Android, and WebGL). It gives the user the ability to view the information specific to the compiled asset bundle which will be used to create the asset NFT metadata.

In the future, we hope to upload the asset bundle directly to decentralized storage and then deploy the asset directly from this tool without having to go through the developer dapp.

Static 3D Object Verifier

The Static 3D Object Verifier helps the asset creator verify that the asset prefab they are deploying follows the asset framework. The verifier is attached to a bounding box of the target shape. The bounding box will turn red if the asset doesn't fit inside.

Latest Release

To find the latest Unity Tools release, download it below:

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