Arweave Wallet

An Arweave Wallet is required in order to upload Meta Asset data to Arweave, a decentralized storage solution. The following tutorial will help the developer acquire an Arweave wallet and load it with 0.02 AR tokens.

1. Go to the Arweave Faucet

Go to the Arweave Faucet and read the instructions. Click Continue to proceed.

2. Download and save your wallet key file

3. Post the Human Verification tweet

4. Wait to receive the 0.02 AR tokens

5. Install ArConnect (Arweave's browser wallet)

Go to the Chrome Web Store to add ArConnect to your browser.

6. Create an ArConnect account

7. Load the Arweave Wallet

Select "Load Wallet(s)" and load the downloaded Arweave wallet file from step 2.

8. Verify the Arweave Wallet Loaded

The Arweave wallet should now be accessible in the ArConnect extension.

Go to the next tutorial to learn how to load the Arweave Wallet to your ArDrive account for easy asset management.

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