Meta Assets

Meta Assets are shared permanent blockchain assets that have utility across different worlds. These gaming assets are packaged and deployed in such a way that game developers can easily download the asset, determine if they can be used, and load them in their game. This allows gamers to take their assets wherever they go.

For more information, check out this article on Meta Assets [Todo: link to Meta Article].

Semi-fungible Token

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a digital token that exists on the blockchain to record proof of ownership for the person holding it. Each token is completely unique because it has its own metadata that cannot be replicated or replaced for another.

Unfortunately, this is very limiting for video games. Not all video game assets need to be represented as a unique token. For some assets, it is more efficient to use fungible tokens that link to the same metadata but can be minted and distributed to many users.

Because of this, Meta Asset tokens are designed to be semi-fungible. Semi-fungible tokens combine the features of fungible and non-fungible tokens. They represent ownership over items, like NFTs, but all the same items are fungible. Throughout an asset's lifetime, it can become either a fungible or a non-fungible asset.

Cross-game Interoperability

Rawrshak offers a framework to allow Meta Assets to become cross-game interoperable. The platform gives the content creator a framework for deploying their assets onto different game engines. The standardized metadata underneath packages the deployed assets into a common format that allows games to unpack and display loadable assets.

This allows the gamers to truly own the assets they have purchased or unlocked and take it wherever they go.

Asset Types

These are the currently supported asset types:

  • Text Assets

  • Audio Assets

  • Image Assets

  • Static 3d assets

Future Asset Types

Some assets types will come in future versions. They may be more complicated and thus require more thought, development time, and feedback from the community. There are no timetables as to when these assets frameworks will be available. Please join the Rawrshak Discord for up-to-date information.

  • Character Skins

  • Cosmetics (clothes, avatar changes, etc)

  • Animations (emotes, taunts, etc)

  • Attachables (weapons, backpacks, etc)

  • Consumables

  • Access Tokens

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